Yes, I are back!

Just a quick note to any and all- i am back……again! The duck has not survived as well as my friend Gordy, sure gonna miss him! Mama cat has also bit the dust. I have FINALLY got the trailer moved on site at MYB, the garden has been planted( corn, peas, pumpkins, taters, both red and white onions, eggplant, tomatos, peppers, carrots, squash and sunflowers!) This years berry season looks to be a bumper crop owing to all the rain this early spring( It’s pouring right now as i write this) so I should have plenty of blackberrys and black raspberrys. I am still in fairly good shape(old and decrepid)and surviving well, thank you very much. hope to start bloggin’ again on a regular basis- drop me a line and let m know how ya’ll are doin. (now if I can only remember how to embed those little cartoons I love so much! Love ya- willyo. ya’ll can IM me at yahoo messenger, i am “willyobiker”, ping me!


5 Responses to “Yes, I are back!”

  1. Lois Russell Says:

    Hi willy glad ur back

  2. Joyce Says:

    Hey Willy! Glad you’re back. Haven’t seen you, or read your stuff in a long time.

  3. Marsha Says:

    I have always enjoyed your blogs !

  4. Delbert Foucher Says:

    Have you thought of adding some videos to your posts to keep the visitors more entertained? I just read through the entire article and it was good…thanks for the share

    yeah, i’ve thought about it, but i think about how long it takes for the page to load for my dial up friends and decided against it-thanks for yer comment-willyo.

  5. calpattypress Says:

    We Lost Danny Boy who was 7 and Bubba who was 11 since we communicated last , and it broke my heart in two!

    Damn, it is hard losing your best friends.

    But, we have a new attack dog now, and we got a real demonstration when someone walked in our house unannounced the other night. WOW! Bred and trained for protection, buddy they were not just a kidding. Thank God the dog loves me and has an off switch or that person would have seriously injured if they even thought about moving once warned.

    Just to see it was really something, it was the first time one of my dogs was really truly going to kill someone.

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