Wireless Virus and Everyone needs a birth certificate(except Obama)!

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My site was nominated for Best Blog of All Time!My site was nominated for Best Gossip Blog!

My site was nominated for Best Humor Blog!well here we are now 2 years into the (questionable)presidency of B. Obama(how ya like the change??)and STILL no proof of citizenship! I know, I know, nobody cares, it’s too late to do anything, what can I do?, who’s Obama? Blah, blah,blah…. I for one wanna know! I always thought ya hadda be a citizen to run for office, and be able to prove it. Aparantly not for presidential candidate(s?). This issue was big news when elected, but now this issue has all but faded away. ???? whats up with that?– Heres a guy with UNLIMITED power over our lives, our education, jobs, health care, etc. The little people(you,me,everyone but political critters!)need a birth cert. to A- get a jod,B-vote,C- get any kind of licence, driver,hunting, etc…Not so for the big dufus in the White House! Is there anyone out there who thinks something wonky is goin’ on? Just a little 4 course for thought(food for thought)….to be continued……in the meantime, hers a few new funny obammy(obama) pics……

I guess It’s evident I am no big fan of hussein ….err..ahh I mean Obamma, whatever….so on to my next rant….

Is there a Virus among us??
Man, i have the wireless internet access now due to a hotspot nearby, and I have never seen so many viruses, EVER!, About six monthes ago(incedentally, when i last wrote anything) i put the keyboard n mouse away and concentrated on the new homestead, anyway, I would get a virus now n then( even with NO firewall) but now I have to run my antivirus EVERY DAY! I get worms that screw up yer keyboard strokes, trojans that send ya to all kinds of websites ya never typed in, exploiters that replace yer search engine to send ya who knows where…I mean my anti virus(windows defender, yeah yeah..I know, “get Mcaffee, get norton, but the thing of it is..defender works good, who else but microsoft would know first about what shit is out there?)so my question is… are these viruses airborn, like a disease? Are they so prevalent that they are all over even legit sites? Should i never open any mail?(cause i seem to be gettin them critters even from my regular contacts, sorry folks.. i didnt mean yall folks readin my rag, of course.well if ya find yer computer doin’ all sorts of weird stuff ya may have one a them critters as your ghost in the machine….Run yer antivirus whenever ya get the chance(like every time ya fire that machine up!), keep yer antivirus up to date, turn on automatic updates! And first of all KEEP WINDOWS UP TO DATE!!!!!! we all know how many bugs windows has when ya buy it!(like buyin a new car that has no brakes, the dealer says go ahead n drive it, when wer get the brake parts, we’ll call ya n ya can bring ‘er back to be fixed!)
N on with the show…..

Friggin’ fruit flies!! I dont know what it is but, every time i bring ANY fresh veggies(tomato n cukes especially)or any fresh fruit n cut it up…the whole kitchen is loaded with them fruitflies!Are they IN the produce??They them FF the ones they usta have so much trouble with out there in californy??do they live INSIDE my cuttin board??

well thats it for this time- dont forget to visit my new link to another calhoun, wv, blogger- real funny! click “lost in calhoun county-right at the top of my blogroll! Great vids too! Dont forget to comment me- The duck ya save may be….mine!


17 Responses to “Wireless Virus and Everyone needs a birth certificate(except Obama)!”

  1. Troy Sevcik Says:

    The author of this entry should be immensely proud. I like to think myself to have a sharp eye for writing, and this truly do make me smile. Keep it up.

  2. will Says:

    just a little note:- the links for the calpatty press & crooked county crooks have been shut down!- never fear though- they are still there and still reporting the truth!- Go here to find out why!–> http://cosmoscommunicator.wordpress.com/2010/08/11/the-fifteen-day-war-for-free-speech-proves-a-victory-for-the-calpattypress-in-the-first-battle-for-crooked-county-surprise-attack-led-by-former-ss-member-lisa-minney-and-gj-owner-belknap-got-popular/#comment-45

  3. cosmoscommunicator Says:

    Good looking out Willy!

  4. MerFrorce Says:

    Hello. Very interesting site and you lead a very interesting discussion. There is a nice atmosphere here and I’m sure I will often read your posts.
    From time to time I will also try to write something interesting.

  5. Carri Scardina Says:

    Thanks this made for interesting reading. I dig your wordpress theme!

  6. Luna Strader Says:

    blog bookmarked and stumbled upon, I’ll post my feedback on my blog too

    as long as ya give credit!

  7. Outdoor Says:

    Lol, what else can be said.

  8. revengeoftheghostwolf Says:

    Cool as hell you got yourself some Butcher Bitches video’s and nobody else does!

    Little loud mouth screaming me me’ would drive me crazy soon, but they don’t look too bad with their clothes off.

    So no bags needed.

  9. Ellis Cons Says:

    This is the perfect post and may be one that you should followed up to see what happens

    A good friend e mailed this link the other day and I’m desperately anticipating your next piece of writing. Keep on on the fantastic work.

  10. Coffee Bean Says:

    I really like this blog. great post keep up the good work. I have bookmarked your site.

  11. Zetta Phyfe Says:

    I found this article bookmarked and I really liked what I read. will certainly bookmark it as well and check your other posts tomorrow.

  12. Locksmith Says:

    For reasons unknown i’m getting a blank page as i attempt to post a comment,do you know why is this its proceeding?i’m employing oprea web-browser
    Hey- i dont know either- try firefox or ie8 for better results-willyo

  13. Home Repair Wilmington Says:

    Everyone who believes that ObamaCare will work is entitled to free psychological help.

  14. Shirl Wloch Says:

    Gday, happen to be keeping with your posting for a short time, yet somehow never chimed in on anything before. Decided I would personally post something. I think this content you submitted incredibly educational. There initially were a handful of specifics that wern’t straightforward, but all in all, the write-up ended up being great — not you need anyone telling you just what you currently know, hahah. Regardless, keep it up!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Q. What’s the difference between Barack Obama and a government bond? A. The bond will eventually mature.

  16. Monroe Wietzel Says:

    President Barak Obama just on 97.9!! *My President is Black* ?

  17. Construction Technology Says:

    Must Read Contribution…

    The blog post is surely commended by us….

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