What if you can’t trust the cops?- Calhoun county law??

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080917-125314-129007Ok, suppose ya need the cops, but you know it’ll take at least a 1/2 hour to get there? Sound scary? Well thats the truth of the matter, here in Calhoun county, West Virginia- no lie! Although I love livin’ rural sometimes I wonder. First the facts. When I first moved down to WV, my bright red Jaguar XJS v-12 headturner was stolen, and I even knew who did it. So as the upright(usually)citizen I am, I called the WVSP(west virginia state police) to report it. Basically I was told that since I knew who had taken the Jag that I should’nt worry to much, the party was just likely joyriding and would return it when done. ?????????, WHAT?aa
Somehow this did’nt seem to be a valid response, at least from the state police.I was told a cop would show up as soon as one was available. I am still waiting! Four years later! In fact, i don’t think they are coming. Now that I have lived here a while(6 years) I have come to the conclusion that yer pretty much on yer own. Now a little background into what I have learned, seen and heard about our little piece of heaven.chief About a year and a half ago our county seat(Grantsville) had a nationwide scandle in that our police chief was indited and convicted of #1 child pornography, #2 abused his position as home confinment officer to procure sexual “favors” by threatening to report home confinement inmates violations(thats REALLY low!). He’s now in jail. His second in command(and his gal friend) was indited when he was supposed to be watching an older couples home while they were in a nursing home(i think) and was accused of stealing money, guns and other personal property(thats low!). Another probationary officer was accused(and convicted) of false time slips in order to gain some money for himself stolen money was from the Drunk Driving program. He is in jail awaiting trial. This same officer is accused of giving a concealed weapons class that he was not qualified to give(the money has yet to be returned!). A while back the State police LOST crucial evidence in a high profile case also in Calhoun county.aaa There are at least three truth blogs on the internet locally dealing with all sorts of local(and state wide) horror stories, where you can learn even more including when,where and who is involved.(Calpatty press, calhoun underground, and a more mainstream news type website, the Hur Herald all these are in the links on the right side of this page.
Now I don’t know about you, but MY faith has been shaken, at least in the police around here. We must REALLY be in the sticks, nowhere else i have ever lived that this kind of shennanigans was tolerated. I mean this kinda stuff has been going on for years if not decades. A short while ago one of my NR neighbors had a rifle stolen from his house, he knew who had done it, and he went to the place he was sure the gun would go(it had) and retrieved said weapon(but had to pay the guy who had purchased the gun from the thieves).
No cops, no paperwork and property returned the same day. The guilty party got his ass kicked pretty good and has’nt been seen around for a while. Seems like a pretty good way to deal with property crime to me! Ahhhh vigilanty justice, John Wayne would be proud. I guess folks up here in the hills have always had their own way to effect justice. I for one am impessed and feel much safer for that.aaa1
And I STILL havent gotten my stolen ATV back that the WVSP assured me would be found, now that “the guilty partys have been rounded up.” I guess it’s a good thing I now have a pistol to deal with the thieves around here. I don’t think just waiting around for the cops to do their jobs is working. Which brings to mind an old joke i once heard:
An older fella called the State Police to report a crime in progress- Hello, state police? Yes sir, how can we help you? There are a couple of thieves in my shed RIGHT NOW! If you send a cop here right away, you will catch them in the act! Oh, I’m sorry sir, currently we have no one available to take this call. I advise you to stay in your home, lock the doors and wait for assistance. OK, said the homeowner, and hung up. 20 seconds later he called the police dispatcher back and said that it’s no hurry any longer as “I just shot ’em all” and hung up. 3 minutes later 7 police cars, a swat team, 2 helicopters, 2 ambulances and the fire department were in his yard. All three thieves were arrested and taken to jail, and the chief of police walked up to the mans home and said” I thought you said you shot these guys?” The old man said “I thought you said no one was available!”aa3
” some folks ask me why I carry a gun I tell ’em cause a cop is too heavy”

The weather here is still COLD- last nite to 3 below and night before -13 I DON”T LIKE THIS WEATHER!!
Cut and split wood for a while and ya know, when yer runny nose turns your beard into an icicle it’s really nippy. cold_guy1
I don’t know if i can make it to April, even the flames froze in the fireplace! Dogs water bowl- frozen! Even the barn(box) cats did’nt show up for din din. Sure hope they are OK as i only have seen mama cat these last few days. Just glad I’m not a cow! By the way, them cows aint sleepin’ standin’ up. They are frozen in place! Since I have been in WV these last few days are the coldest I’ve ever seen. Guess I need a hairyier chest or sumthin!
add me to your favorites and don’t forget to comment or I really mean it- the duck gonna get it!2be93cc2-eac5-4b4f-9afe-1657522f0ddc2


6 Responses to “What if you can’t trust the cops?- Calhoun county law??”

  1. MARSHA Says:

    I enjoy reading your blogs !

  2. marsha Says:

    Hey, your time is off by 7 hours on comments. Just a little FYI.

  3. MELBA Says:

    thanks will ,love to read your blogs.if you were sherriff i bet you get yer stuff bac.and yes john wayne would b proud.sorry to hear your freezin.

  4. mary Says:


  5. wirt watcher Says:

    not outta wood already are ya? shoulda been with us sunday comin’ from marlinton,closed the roads 45 mins. after we came over them,you couldn’t have drove a nail in our butts with a hammer,fishtailing all the way,,eeeehaaa–

  6. mary smith Says:

    I’ve been to marlington. Did u git 2 c bing brothers b4 they split up?

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