HA! bet ya thought there was some sinister reason why I would stop writin’. But……YER WRONG!
I’m not goin to! So ya’ll will have to suffer through a bit more of my nonsense! MAY FOOLS DAY!- (I forgot to do a april fools day thingee)love ya’ll!- Willyo.

PS- the duck says HI! from sick bay.!cid_X_MA9_1232200503@aol2be93cc2-eac5-4b4f-9afe-1657522f0ddcROOSTE~11


One Response to “THE REASON WHY!”

  1. Lori Boahn Says:

    You are the most intertaining person I have ever came across in all my years.. If there was more people like you in this world,, what a much better place it would be to live in,,Thanks for what you do and for making me smile everytime I log onto your site,, Keep on keepin on!!
    Thanks for what you do, Lori

    thanks for yer comment- glad you enjoy my writin’- and as you now know, i was only kiddin’ about quittin’- look for a new article real soon- Willyo

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