“The Real Estate and stuff for sale Page”(LAND CONTRACT!) Yep, the “party palace” is for sale!

redbarn Well, I have decided that I really want to move to the farm from Big Bend.( get it on a land contract!) And to that end I must sell the “party palace”, an Old Baptist church I am in the process of renovating. Many folks have asked me about this n that in regard to the property so I thought I’d decribe it here, and without further adu:
What we have here is an old church that has been in it’s present location about 75 years(it was moved down here from a higher location on the mountain), and is a sturdy building with living quarters on the lower floor, We have a 1 bedroom(13×13)(could make two), 1 bath, living room(20×20).dining room(15×13) and kitchen(also 15×13) with a flexible floor plan.trouble free septic system, central air and heat( although I don’t use them),currently wood heat, New, entry door with oak trim and storm door, new roof(metal 4yrs), hew drop ceiling tiles in bath, kit&dr, UPSTAIRS- one large room(60×30) with 20′ ceiling(needs some tiles replaced and paint, double entryway doors(oak) with large metal awning, roughed in fireplace with tile hearth(also just roughed in), this room is complete with a stage!(or pulpit:)), has wonderful acoustics so maybe a studio?, any way would make a good building for a business.(land contract!) could make 2 story, situated on about 1+ acre, very near(300′) the Little kanawah river- Excellent fishing and Calhoun county and other surrounding counties are mostly forest so also great hunting(deer, turkey, squirel, rabbit and other small game. There are NO local building codes(but ya do need a building permit) so an addition is possible. taxes are one of the lowest in the nation (about $150 year) City water(under $30 per month) and an undeveloped well, gas, telephone and electric . Currently 400 amp service in the house so 220 volt appliances are ok. washer drier hookup also, I want ya’ll to understand the house needs work- inside and out, but sound contruction , far from flood zone, country store/gas staion/sporting goods just across the street, located on 2 lane,well maintained, state road, 7 miles from Grantsville, 30 miles from Spencer, 60 miles from Parkersburg and 90 miles from Charelston. House needs windows, finishing inside. dsc01325 Still more questions? use coment section on this page.
I am gonna miss this place currently I am using the upper floor as a playroom- Pool table, fooseball table, darts putting green(putting red?) with my 1000 watt stereo blastin’ the night away as i say the acustics are truly great! I have a couch and loveseat grouping around the fireplacedsc01328-resize dsc01329resize all my friends don’t want me to sell probably cause it’s a cool place for summer evening partys and with¬†fireplace goin a great place for a holiday banquet with plenty of room for guests. I was gonna put a half-balcony above the double entryway doors( it would look like passing through a tunnel entering the big room), but, alas, no dough! So my “loss” is your gain-$25,000- or a land contract And, yes i will do a land contract with $5000 down. Hope I’ve answered most questions ya’ll may have. Saddened i must let the place go but I really do wanna move up to “the Ridge” year round- I must really want to be a hillbilly after all!hillbilly12
FOR SALE SECTION – 1990 shenniu farm tractor-4 wheel drive ,diesel!, 25 hp – runs well 4whl drive, needs some small bits to install front driveshaft,good rubber, 2 speed pto, full size 3 point hitch,4 speed hi/lo gearbox(with reverse, in case ya wanna go backwoods) all hydrolics and mechanicals work well-good for plowin’ yer hobby farm $1500- cheap!- email me @ willyobiker@yahoo.com


40 Responses to ““The Real Estate and stuff for sale Page”(LAND CONTRACT!) Yep, the “party palace” is for sale!”

  1. Kay Says:

    Would you consider land contract for this home?

  2. will Says:

    yep- contact me- 304-354-9434

  3. will Says:

    ok,ok,ok- i will do a land contract with 5,ooo down- gotta have enough for down payment on trailer.

  4. Kay Says:

    I would do that in a heartbeat but I cannot even come up with half of that… Good luck though!

  5. George Schutt Says:

    What is a land contract? I am from North Carolina. I think I could love this place.

  6. will Says:

    george- a land contract between owner and buyer- legally binding contract where buyer pays downpayment on property and owner financed
    monthly payment- like rent to own.
    are ye interested??

  7. darla Says:

    how far is this place from huntington,wv.?have you sold it yet?would be VERY intrested in land contract on the place and COULD pay your asking d/p. please let me know.

  8. will Says:

    not sold….yet- huntington is about 90 miles- contact# 304-354-9434

  9. Patrick Says:

    Very interesed in toyota p/u can you send me pics?

  10. Greg from Clay Says:

    If you haven’t sold the Yota pickup yet.
    Please send me some pics.

  11. Skip from Michigan Says:

    Is the property sold?

  12. Wayne Miller Says:

    Sounds like a cool place, Is it still available?

    Wayne Miller

  13. A. Boland Says:

    If you still have the yota, could you send me the pics?
    Thanks in advance.

  14. mark s Says:

    iam intersted in the dodge ram truck i like to know if u could email some pics of the inside the motor and rear of the truck and the right and left side of the truck thanks and iam very intersted in it

  15. Andy Says:

    Are the drivers side fender and door good on the dodge? How much?

  16. mark s Says:

    i want to buy the whole truck for $1000

  17. Brad Says:

    Hey Will, you still got the dodge for sale? I need some interior/exterior parts from it and may be interested in the whole thing

  18. jason Says:

    im wanting to know if its shot wheel base and the grill i need a short wheel base dodge bed and grill and how much

  19. mik wright Says:

    hey i need the back bumper im visitin family in galipolis this coming weekend whats all missing off the truck so far i will come and get it no b/s e mail me back and let me know i got another dodge i want to put a motor and trans in

  20. margherite Says:

    Did Darla buy the church? I’m tired of upstate New York yuppies and have been looking for a place quiet enough to do writing and crafts but tolerant enough for me to do my own music (blues opera). I was hoping to find a place a bit further from DC, but I’m starting to think that it might not exist.

  21. Buy hgh Says:

    Hiya people; SNIP!

    and by the way, I really like your site:)

    thanks buddy! sorry though, I had to cut yer spam out. But feel free to return and comment!

  22. John722 Says:

    Very nice site!

  23. XRumerTest Says:

    Hello. And Bye.

  24. Ben Says:

    Folks, I’ve had the opportunity to visit Willy at the party palace when I bought a m/c from him last year.

    It is a wwwaaayyy cool place.

    If’n I wasn’t already settled in Missouri I’d take it off of him in a heartbeat. The country is really great.

    Hope this helps.

    Willy, put me back on your mailing list. Somehow I got dropped.

  25. jasmin Says:

    You really have the place nice. would be interested in land contract w/ down payment. I have good steady employement and my husband can build or remodel almost anything, so i think the place has a ton of potential for the right people. Would love to be able to see it, even if from the outside. Could you email me directions?

  26. jasmin Says:

    Just read some of your website. OMG i think you and my husband are related!! LOL

  27. jasmin Says:

    join mailing list?

  28. steve Says:

    hi willyobiker,i really like that church u have for sale and id like to buy it, i dislike livin in pa.whats the weather like down there,alot of snow warm weather etc.

  29. Scooter Says:

    Don’t sell the homestead, I love that place bro..

  30. Jessica Says:

    I would be interested in looking at ur place. Send me an emial and I will send you my number

  31. will Says:

    sorry jesse- no phone so have ta be email for now- the place is at 6774 w. little kanawha hwy(rt 5 west), big bend, wv-26136-willyo.† you can reply this email adress

    willyo. aka,willyobiker,MYBfarm, “THE NORMAN RIDGE NEWSLETTER” http://www.willyobiker.wordpress.com

  32. revengeoftheghostwolf Says:

    Keep it don’t sell it, we have not had a chance to come party with you there yet!

  33. revengeoftheghostwolf Says:

    YOU GOT MAIL HOME BOY!! We need to talk about the fact those Crooks from Crooked County are trying to lure you into some of their bullshit, but read the letter, hope you have not gotten too wet lately from the deluge of rain, and hope all is well with you dude.

  34. james Says:

    How much would you want down if you did this on land contract and how much a month?

  35. will Says:

    5000 down, 350 a month

  36. wvyogamomma Says:

    Is there anyway you will take less for it? I’m looking to buy a place and I know this one, but I also know it needs some work.

  37. Gary Says:

    Has this been sold!!

  38. will Says:

    Has not been sold, hence the low price-reply to this email with any questions- willyo.

    willyo. aka, “willyobiker”,owner-MYB farm and campground, Blog-“THE NORMAN RIDGE NEWSLETTER” http://www.willyobiker.wordpress.com


  39. will Says:

    has not been sold, if interested or any questions call Will at 304 354 0138

    † willyo. aka, “willyobiker”,owner-MYB farm and campground, Blog-“THE NORMAN RIDGE NEWSLETTER” http://www.willyobiker.wordpress.com


  40. phil patton Says:

    Do yoy still have the shenniu 4/25

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