The Body Perfect!- or what did Santa bring ya?


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gutsWhy, the jolly guy in red gave me a heart attack for just after Christmas! Otherwise known as the Nightmare before New Years. What a joy! I’m peacefully asleep in bed and…….uhhhhh chest pain, both arms pain!, Jaw killin me!- I guess this is what a HA is like….wait a sec… it REALLY is a Heart attack! So, i get up- take a couple asprin and drive to the hospital(7 miles), walk up to reception window, asked why I was there, I reply “thin I’m havin’ a heart attack”. aniheartAnd so begins a (kinda) scary new oddesy in my life. I have NEVER had so many blood tests in my life(My lifetime total before this week is maybe 10-12 times) OVER 35 individual blood tests in 3 1/2 days! dancing_trioMan, them nurses must hate me. After 20 or so BT I began to revolt! Did’nt do any good, They tackled me before i left the ward! after that, i was a little more tolerant of my (mis)treatment. Had one of them new fangled stents put in, made out of cobalt?(is’nt cobalt radioactive?)The doctors make you stay awake for this “insertion” no matter how often or loudly you say “put me TO SLEEP for this”!But NO, they need ya to see(on the new 10 gazillion dollar color monitor) (btw, they can only take B&W pics of this procedure, Go figure!)what them docs are doin’ in yer innards WHILE they are doin’ it! Ok, all done. What, already?? this whole dealie took tops 1 hour!- no pain, no drugs( other than topical) and 5 days rest(they let me go after 2) and off ya go, See ya!- take it easy(yeah right), no straining, light exercise, eat right, no salt!!, steer away from white flour(NO MORE BISCUITS N GRAVY?? Shit I’ll Die!)-no more bread!loaf_steaming_md_wht no more pasta, spaghetti_steaming_md_whtwhat , no meat,meat_flanks_rocking_md_wht1 no dairy,cheezelgeggs no no no no- what am i supposed(allowed?) to eat? WTF , heart attack or starvation? at least a heart attack is quick!llightningWish me luck with the diet, I’ll need it!, damn, I’m hungry…………Willyo.


10 Responses to “The Body Perfect!- or what did Santa bring ya?”

  1. Della Says:

    Wow I’m sorry to hear this….I’m diabetic and supposed to be on that same diet and I gotta tell ya it sucks lol….we’re not supposed to eat anything that tastes good :-(….but we’ll get by….you take care of you willyo

  2. scooter Says:

    Protein shakes! Delicious? HAHAHA.

  3. calhoununderground Says:

    Minnie Hamilton?…

  4. will Says:

    no way will i have anything done at minihaha- just there for transport to st. joes

  5. Dinkster Says:

    See what happens when you don’t see Bonnie for awhile? You missed her! Or was it all that porkroll? Which means it’s my fault! Well, we’re all glad you’re okay. Miss you guys!

  6. dynomite5555 Says:

    dear ole will,,,,yeah been dealin wit the ole heart for several yrs.,,and being a retired nurse leave it to me to figure out how i can eat what i want and still pass all them important test,,,swizzle!!! table spoon of honey and a table spoon of apple cider vinegar in 8 oz, of warm water,,,once a day,,,keeps the ole pipes clean,,,flushes out fat and toxins,,,,love ya guy,,t

  7. will Says:

    shall i also wave a dead cat around my head at midnight on a full moon too! – sorry, just my reaction to all evil tasting, old wives tale, witch doctor cures. 🙂 only playin’- but i probably won’t try it. thanks for your thoughts and i am glad it works for you- love ya,Will.

  8. MELBA Says:

    wow !!!!!!!!! and you are so young.i am sorry you had a ha will but most i am thankful u made it thru.good luck with the diet.stay in toch.loved your blog

  9. Lois Russell Says:

    eat smaller portions,lay off the booze,smokes, and walk alot costs less than gas in ur jalopie or bike
    Get someone else to cook for u and u will eat better

  10. thomasvickers Says:

    Hey Willy-o’

    So sorry to hear about it. I had a heart attack about 5 years ago and then I had a triple bypass in December of this year and was released from Charleston Memorial on Christmas day so, I know what you’re going through.

    I must admit, I still sneak an occasional Winston and biscuit. Ya’ just can’t take the biscuit out of a hillbilly.

    Our prayers.

    Tom @ LaVerna

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