Thanksgiving n other things

posts fer fencing- 2 hours work!

posts fer fencing- 2 hours work!



Hey again,Ya’all! Well thanksgiving came and went with nary a hitch! We(bon n me)even had GB over for dinner. He seemed to like it, and the weather was OK- not much else goin on except settin my fencerow, set 15 posts in two hours! With a shovel(it had rained 2 entire days and snowed too!)! the shovel slid in with almost no resistance(and my 230lbs!)ohh yeah!.Well peace and good tidings for the Xmas season comming up.Hang in there!me when pissed oh and sorry about the graphics, I’m learnin’ HTML, thought I’d practice here.- pic at top is MYB farm fencerow along “county road 9/35” or mud pitt street.


3 Responses to “Thanksgiving n other things”

  1. willyobiker Says:

    not bad graphics, if i do say so myself! Willyo.

  2. Marketing Automation Says:

    Feast for thought…

    Just a tip – you might think to write at high school education level for more mass appeal….

  3. will Says:

    just a tip,…ehh- well i write so the locals will read my stuff- not really into mass marketing-its a HUMOR blog!

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