Some Norman Ridge trivia( ‘n some of mine too!)

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Here’s some stuff I betcha did’nt know folks- like ya know ya can’t touch yer elbow with yer nose? and I bet ya just tried, did’t cha? Theres a lotta useless trivia out there folks. Did ya know holly berries(not halle berry!) were poisonous? And that YOUR Drivers Licence is all over the internet! Check your driver’s license.
I definitely removed mine…I suggest you all do the same.. Now you can see anyone’s driver’s license on the internet, including your own! I just searched for mine and there it was…picture and all!
Thanks Homeland Security! Go to the website and check it out. Just enter your name, city and state to see if yours is on file. After your license comes on screen, click the box marked “Please remove.”
This will remove it from public viewing, but not from law enforcement. Please notify all of your friends so they can protect themselves too. check here-
And did ya know that most folks ya see on Jerry Springer are from West Virginia? I can tell as soon as they start talkin!
And if you were watchin submarine races on tv all you’d see is water? A little closer to home trivia(my home that is) You can eat any wild animal on Norman Ridge?(possum, squirrel, rabbitt,ground hog, deer, bear,pheasant, buzzard,turkey, owl and skunk) and I know folks that have a recipie for ALL of them!

Did ya know my road is only one of many UNPAVED county roads?(no surprise there).
Did you know if your parents never had children, theres a good chance you won’t either?
And did you know there is more rocks than dirt on Norman Ridge? Just ask anyone who has a garden up here. Did ya know a dog can only run halfway into the woods? If he keeps goin’ he’s runnin’ out ag’in.
Did ya know It’s agin the law to have a duel in WV?( the law is still on the books!)
Did ya know that the Golden Delicious apple came from West Virginia(makes good moonshine)apple-goldhillbilly8
Did ya know that the food stamp program started in WV? Or that the first Mothers day was here in WV.
How bout the first state sales tax, also started here, or that the first womens prison is also a dubious first.
Did you know that WV is still 75% forested, and that rural free postal delivery, also is home grown in WV.
Did you know that WV has the highest mean altitude east of the Mississpi river at 1500′.
The first outdoor advertising was in WV, for Mail Pouch tobbacco, and the only residence in the world built entirely of coal is also here in WV,and the longest continuously producing oil well about a 10 miles from here at Burning Springs.
WV also has the distintion of the first public spa at Berkley Springs.
The first African American member of any legislative body in the US was from WV(Minnie Harper, 1928) Eat yer heart out Obama!
And the first brick street in the world was in Charleston,WV.( I somehow thought of London England)
And Did you know that WV was surveyed by George Washington?
And I’m just guessin’ that the drive in movie at Mt. Zion,WV is one of the last in Americadrive-in
but I found out that there are still nine in WV alone!
Well- I hope that fixes yer quest for mountain state trivia(but I’ll add more as i find it) so go on, Amaze yer friends with this wealth of facinating facts(and some not facts).
Hopin there’s some stuff here ya would’nta known if you had’nt come here to my site.Sorry about that drivers licence think, Gotcha! Dont forget to comment! Add me to yr favorites and tell all yer friends(a little more shameless self promotion). If ya don’t comment that duck’s gonna get it!2be93cc2-eac5-4b4f-9afe-1657522f0ddc3


4 Responses to “Some Norman Ridge trivia( ‘n some of mine too!)”

  1. MELBA Says:

    nope i didn t know.thats all fascinating,thank you will

  2. wirt watcher Says:

    well no matter who’s name goes on the lic. thing willyo’s picture always comes up,least ways that ‘s what the missus says….GOTCHA!!!!!!!!

  3. dynomite5555 Says:

    checked the license security site,,,hahahaha,,,once again i have to ask,,,do you serve diapers with this stuff,,,laughed so hard i pissed myself,,,have a goodun,,,,

  4. Buzzardbilly Says:

    Welcome to my blogroll, Willyo! Great stuff. And for Dynomite5555, I hear the Poise pads are more comfortable, absorbent, and don’t make that crackly I’m-a-diapered-adult kinda sound.

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