On sufferage (or why I have pets)

me, age 3

me, age 3

Ya know….it’s time to fight back! I have a HUGE Golden retriever,Buddy, an Austrialian Shepard, Spooky, a mixed breed small dog,Joey and a cat named Tequila- who “allow” me to stay in their home! Now, wait a second, is’nt this MY house? Don’t I buy the food around here? EAT SLEEP AND SHIT- man, sounds good to me! Shit! I cant even get any one of these critters to carry ONE stick of firewood, which keeps ALL of us warm. So much for”mans best friend”! Somewhere I seemed to have lost control of the troops. Ohh- I also have three USELESS cats at the farm! feed ’em every day. And what do they contribute to the overall scheme of things? NUTHIN<NADA<ZILCH! Oh yes, they kill(and eat) various mice, birds and insects. In the winter. All this for $6 a week.(cats only) add another $25 a week and you get $125 a month feed bill. seems a bargain to me! Who else would wake me at 2:30 am with the screamin’ shits, projectile vomit or “puppy farts”, chewin up  the comforter till ya cant wash it for all the fluff that jams up the washer, oh and did I mention the propensity to chew up eyeglasses(which us whitebeards need just to function) at a cheap price of at least $150 bucks a pop.- For all the love they give, seems cheap to me.


5 Responses to “On sufferage (or why I have pets)”

  1. Jacki Frisko Says:

    Im relyin on you for all the news from now on I like yr style……..

  2. will Says:

    I’ll have to add a subscription button

  3. thomasvickers Says:

    Good ta’ meet a ‘nother Hillbilly Cyberstar. Keep up tha’ good ritin’!


  4. will Says:

    Thanx TV nice ta know there are others! Love yer Blog!- Be good or have fun-Willyo.

  5. Lois Russell Says:

    I have a small dog named trucker and he is better than a door bell, protects me from others,don’t eat as much as a big dog and he is alot of company and most of all he is faithful to me and don’t lie,cheat or steal
    so that is why I have my lovable lil dog

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