My Stepson’s Harley

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Well, the stepson FINALLY listened to wisdom and is buyin’ a Harley Davidson!! Just when I thought he’d go the “cheap” route, and buy Jap! Not that ANY road bike is cheap, nowadays! But no, he held out and actually bought a bike to love for many years. A Sportster 1200 Custom! BRANDY SPANKIN NEW!motorcycle3q There IS hope for the boy, after At least he’s got his priorities straight, who needs food or rent as long as the payments are made for the bike, In a boys life His 1st Harley is a milestone! That makes it time for a little nostalgia moment, now I remember my first Harley. It was a 1947-48 Knucklehead,motorcycles17 and boy I loved that machine! I paid a little over $500 for it and had it for 5 or 6 years. We(my Knuck n me) went all over the place,motorcycles3 nothin’ better than Upstate NY in the summer for scenery, crystal clear, mountain cold lakes, and fall foliage rides- wish I’d taken more pictures back then. But as the first thrill of new bike (for me)ownership wore off, and I started to discover the almost full time job of keepin’ a 20 year old(I bought it in the late ’60’s)bike running,so I sold the Knuck for $1100! I had now made a profit!(shoulda kept it, coulda got $11,000 for it now) So I started lookin for something a little newer. Something manufactured in the same decade I was livin’ in. Next came my first sporty! A jaunty little bike that could do wheelstandsmotorcycle175 in any of the first 3 gears.(only had 4 back then), a ’72 xlch and I also had a bad habit of collectin’ speeding tickets with this onepolice15 It also had a bad habit of launchin’ me over the bars when starting! They were kick only back then, and after a couple years of that I started looking for my first Electric start Harley, by then Harley had introduced the Shovelhead an a newfound freedom was mine- no more 100 pound tool bag to haul around with me!(i thought!) goodbye part time mechanic, hello care free motorcycling!motorcycle15 well not quite, but a big step up for me! Yeah! Lemme hear “maintenance free”! Even the battery was no maintenance! had that bike a while, till the eary ’80s! then I bought another sportster, an ’81 of 1000cc’s. I loved that one too. But now, I’m a 100 pounds heavier, and my backside likes a little more comfort, so I got my last Harley. A mid 90’s Electra Glide Ultra Classic! An FLHTCU, sure have more letter designations nowadays! A “Road Sofa”, A “Geezer Glide” Old mans bikemotorcycles11 which is only fitting as I ani’t gettin’ no younger! I do love this one too, and as it’s probably my last( due to fund availabilty and mortality) but it IS the best one yet. Well Chris, I wish ya the best, pay attention here I might learn ya sumthin”, I am truly glad ya decided to buy NEW. Full warranty is the tits! Truly no maintenance with the harley sound and feel of a heavyweight! Great choice, if I do say so myself!
Now ya gotta learn respect for the machine, the road and the cagers. And don’t do as I do, do like I tell ya. Keep the rubber side down and mind the morons! and Son, I really hope ya have as much fun with yer first Harly( and I know ya will, what with the extended warranty, all electronic fuel injection and,and,andGrumble,grumble)a , all ya gotta get used to is pickin bugs outa yer teeth and at least yer not ridin’ yer “Huffy-Davidson” all over Asbury Park anymore! ,Hey, maybe ya could join a club! Like “Heavens Devils” (the opposite of Hells Angels, get it?)or “The Slave Pilots” or maybe “Silly Yuppie Riders”, maybe.motorcycles2

newarrownext blog almost complete” Survivalism for dummies Part 3 and The ESP” sometime next week, Njoy.
free_1The Febuary pic giveaway is still on! Just comment below and request “Damn Duck” Or “Tractor” N I’ll send ya a Genuine Dig-it-tal Pic of ME Suitable for framing and hangin’ in yer kitchen, outhouse, henhouse or treehouse! How 21st century is that?

18 Responses to “My Stepson’s Harley”

  1. Scooter ! Says:

    Maybe I’ll join the Wild Hogs! Travolta is my hero..

  2. will Says:

    scooter, ya know somehow that does’nt surprise me

  3. will Says:


  4. sharon Says:

    love ur blog!!!

  5. Della Says:


  6. MELBA Says:

    NEW YORK HUH?????sounds like a place i ll have to your blogs your stepson.ride easy ,play hard,live long

  7. calhoununderground Says:

    Hey, upstate NY is GORGEOUS. Just don’t get to friendly with the natives, many of them tend to be assholes.

  8. Jon Says:

    Great blog man. As a native of upstate NY I gotta tell calhoun that there may be many assholes in NY but we ain’t ALL assholes!! Don’t piss us off, we’ll have to get all aggressive and come back south of the M/D line and whoop some rebel ass! Just kidding folks, don’t wanna blow on any smolderin’ fires, I will extend an invitation to anyone looking for a place to put the kickstand down for a spell and wash down some road dust. Stop in anytime, I live on top of a big ol’ hill, right between to of those icy cold lakes you mentioned. PS shoot the duck!

  9. will Says:

    Great comment Jon! Thanks-wish I had a tee shirt to give away, but We po’ here. Same invite goes out to ya, in the area anytime, drop by the MYB farm! How bout this summer?? If you say so, the duck is toast!

  10. suzanne Says:

    shoot the friggin duck he keeps me awake wif his snorin also s/son’s
    oh hell at lest it’s not a rice burnner
    did like ur newsletter my momma was born in widemouth rased in bluefield not va side
    doctor that delivered her only did his paperwork once a month
    so she had 2 birthing dates his “it think she was born on” and the
    real on according to grandma’s bible …we that the bible one the gov
    took the doctors “I think” one

  11. will Says:

    ooooooK, thanks, I think. Has this birthdate thingee caused any problems?- be well. Willyo.the duck has a terrified expression!

  12. Shim Says:

    I really hope ya have as much fun with yer first Harly(spell check)
    No really I spent so much time on the back of a sportster on a sissy seat and was never happier than when my riding partner(,who died with a heart attack),got the bar on the back. He took it off because he liked the looks of his single saddle seat the best. That Chillocothe, Ohio “Harley Rodeo” was too wild for my blood and the cops found me squatting to pee on the track because the outhouse heaped over with A full belly and It smelled rightious. We adopted A group that kept the soup on and chili never tasted so good in all my life. It was A once in A lifetime experience. I did some of the camping too over in Ohio alonmg the river somewhere. They had A band and all. I forget what town that was. Not so far because I knew the band. I do miss the harley rides and still have my vest and boots.

  13. Shim Says:

    btw Benjys is in my town. I went to highschool with Ben

  14. Jon Says:

    I just may take you up on that, I’m itching for a nice long ride – as soon as this 3 damn feet of snow melts – been a long winter. We had snow on the ground since Halloween and I’m about sick of it. Forgot to mention before that I followed your “shameless self promotion” link here from the XLFAMES email(i got an ’81 sporty out in the barn), thanks for the link, I’ve been enjoying all the old postings here. Also here’s hoping your step son has safe travels on the new scoot WATCH OUT FOR CAGERS!! Them bastards are all blind!

  15. will Says:

    thanks-tell all yer friends, foward my www to everyone, tell the others at Xfames,please- see! some more shameless self promotion! – look foward to a visit- we only drink CHEAP beer, po folks n all that. Great riding though(hope ya like the twisty-turnee’s) Later, enjoy that sporty!

  16. Scooter Says:

    Well in all seriousness, I always wanted a bike especially a sporty, (The winecooler), but I probably would kept putting it aside if will stopped riding but now I got a riding buddy in the appalachians to raise hell with. Thanks Bro…

  17. Shimer Says:

    I think your tractor’s sexy.

  18. Jon Says:

    cheap beer is my second favorite, you can prolly guess the first…altho I do treat myself to a guinness every now and again. My old sporty is an ongoing project. I parked it about 12 years ago and my kidneys still start shaking for no apparant reason in the middle of the night. I do enjoy the twisties still, and the ’99 superglide likes em too. I’m speadin’ the word about your site and putting a link to it on mine. well, time to cut some more wood before it starts snowin’ again.

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