I can get through(yeah)

 So i really am trying to understand why I’m so reluctant to own a 4 wheel drive pick-up!  I mean I’ve gotten stuck twice in a month or so, once , today thinkin the ground was frozen hard enough in my u-turn on my property(it was’nt) to drop off the trailer where i need it. Gettin’ in was easy, gettin out NOT!- Good thing Fred was there splittin’ wood, hooked up his 4wd pick-up and GOT STUCK TOO! and of course it was too cold to get the tractor started(diesel). we got out eventually. It took 100′ of chain and a little while. But  back to the point- why don’t I get a 4wd P/U? I guess i never really liked the ride quality/noise of a 4X4.  But I am sure of one thing, my lowered, ground effects, 4″ ground clearance, custom pickup Ain’t No Farm Truck! My little POS toyota 2wd does a far better job with any kind of mud(and where the farm is we got plenty of mud). Guess I’m just gettin’ more stupid as i get older- too much happy smoke I guess.

 Heard today the Calhoun Bank got robbed!  Well its like they say, need money go to where the money is( a Bank has plenty). another fed bailout on the local front.

also today- Naomi fell and broke her leg when she was goin’ to feed the chickens( Damn chickens!) took a little bit till somebody noticed but the am-boo-lance came n picked her up- Hope ya feel better Naomi, hope yer out dancin’ soon! (damn chickens)

 GB was home today, brought him up some cake, and to set a spell. His 2 pups both died last nite, so he was kinda sad.

Otherwise all was quiet on the Ridge today(so far).

12/7/08 Heres an update on that bank robbery #1- this is the first hold up of a bank in Calhoun county, EVER! #2 Seems I actually KNOW one of the guys involved! He owns(and I’m told) and drove the gettaway van! Thats right,he used his own van(a 1989 model) to rob a bank! With his own plates! IN A LOCAL TOWN!! Now no one ever said he was the sharpest knife in the drawer but COME ON! And people wonder how some hillbillys can perpetuate the stereotype. All I can say is DUH! Please comment- I wanna know what ya think. cheers2 datetime=”2008-12-07T04:12:29+00:00″>


One Response to “I can get through(yeah)”

  1. DalfNompamp Says:

    whats up everyone

    Just saying hello while I read through the posts

    hopefully this is just what im looking for looks like i have a lot to read.

    hope so too!-willyo.

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