Hitchiking ettiquette & The “Reception Deception” or the TV Dig-it-tal converter box scam

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I know, I know ya, shouldnt pick up hitchikers but I always have. I used to hitch a lot when I went to high school and could count on gettin’ a ride(as long as I tucked my hair under a cap). Now days I’m the one with a car and do occasionally pick up folks but no longer hide my hair. Now an experience the other day got me to(uh oh)thinkin’. hitch2
1- if the hitchikers a neighbor ya get along with, someone ya would ask to set a spell at the home place, do ya turn around and pick him up?
1a – do ya feel obligated to make it a “round trip” in that ya take him where he’s goin’ and drive him back? right to his house?

2 – if its a stranger(or a neighbor ya know but don’t care for) does #1 or 1a apply?
when I used to hitch I lived in a much more crowded area(ie lots of cars passing) so I never felt bad when dropped off on the drivers way, I’d just hitch again and continue to my destination. Now I live in the backside of nowhere, and passing cars are few and far between which brings us to question 3.
3 – in an area with little traffic, does rule #1 apply even to strangers?
4 – when ya drop someone off is it just “on your way”?or do ya just say you were going that way, and drop them where they are going?
4a – do ya wait and do 1a?
5 – when ya stop to pick up a hitcher, do ya stop slowly and back up safely so he/she doesnt have to run or wlk a long way?hit-hitch
6 – when ya see a hitchiker, do ya use sign language to indicate you cant stop, or shrug?(man, hitchers HATE that!)
7 – If ya do stop, do ya stop in a safe place to pick up a passenger?(not on a blind curve, or on a busy 2 lane road
with no shoulder)
8 – Do ya clear a spot on the seat and floor for the hitcher?( move all the Mc Donalds wrappers,old mail, old clothes, etc…)

Well here are the CORRECT answers, according to “willyobikers hitching ettiquette guide”

#1 – yeah, ya DO feel obligated(come on, admit it) so yes, if its a friend.
#1a – YEP yes to this one too.if it’s a friend.
#2 – if it’s a stranger……..yeah I guess so..yes to both 1 and 1a- if it’s a neighbor ya don’t like or trust, NO to 1 and 1a.
#3 – Yep- yes to 3 also.
#4 – yeah- i must confess, I would drop ’em where they wanted(within reason).
#4a – Nope!- hitchiking was created as a one way ride, it always was for me, so it will always be(so says I)
#5 – well, ya should, but sometimes I dont back up safely(like they say”don’t try this at home” so the answer is YES.
#6 – ME? NEVER! If I cant stop I pretend not to see them. You can do as your concence guides you(now that ya know it pisses off the hitcher, please don’t do it)
#7 – again, with me, No not always, however YOU should. So YES is correct.
#8 – It’s just good housekeeping, and also an excuse to throw all that crp on the passenger seat and floor in the back seat(outta sight, outta mind) so YES is the answer.

OK the drivers side of the equasion is above- Below is the hitchers side of the game.

1 – never expect to be “chauffered” around round trip. This nice person gave ya a lift- go as far as the driver is expecting to take you.
2 – Even if ya havent seen a a car(or truck) pass for hours, it is NOT OK to jump and wave yer arms trying to attract attention to your plight. It makes ya look like a fool.hitchhik
3 – when someone sends sign language, do ya get angry and give ’em the finger or throw rocks?
don’t worry, another car will be along directly and this one WILL pick ya up!fuckyou
4 – never thumb on a blind curve, wait till you are clear and the driver can pick you up safely.
5 – if a driver stops to pick ya up, jog to the car/truck, ask if he/she’s headin’ yer way and get out when ya reach whever it is ya said ya was goin(rule #1 applies)
6 – when ya get in, refrain from stupid ass comments about the car/truck being a pigstye, your only in it for a few minutes the mess is the drivers problem.
7 – NEVER comment on what a crappy vehicle he/she has, it’s gettin you closer to where ya want to be(even if it breaks down your still closer)
8 – Talking- if the driver wants to chat, you’ll know it, otherwise keep the small talk to a minimum, the driver does’nt want to hear yer tale of woe.
9 – even if the driver DOES smoke, don’t you!You can wait till dropped off(unless you’ve got a ride for 100 or more miles, then ask if the driver minds.
10 – THIS IS A BIG ONE Don’t whip out yer bottle of shine, can of beer, or a joint! I can think of 20 reasons why not- so can YOU.hitch-drunk Did you know there are hitchiking clubs? I did’nt either. I bet THEY know all of the rules!

Ok- what is it with the “Guvmint” anyway? We had good to fair tv reception, why change it? I call this the “Reception Deception” All the hoopla about better tv signals this and digital box that. And “they” even make it sound like big gov is doin’ ya a favor! Oh yeah, $40 off a $60 dollar box. Still leaves you to pay the extra $20.1dolar1
It was’nt my idea, first I had heard about it was when it was announced that a Febuary switchover date had been set.Exactly whose idea was it? Then this is another economic stimulus package, just for the converter box manufacturers. Wheres OUR choice? A lot of folks were happy, just the way it was/is. And of course, ya cant opt out.
again n again(agin n agin)Big gov interferes in our lives.Most folks I know that did’nt get good signals opted for cable or satellite. Was three choices, now only two.Will Washinton soon control what we see too, cause the FCC is a Big Gov agency(we havent heard much from them over the years, maybe thats what all this about, Big Gov agency muscle flexing).
Maybe Homeland security had something to do with it- what better way to get a listning device into your home?creepy_spy
Don’t get me wrong, even if the box was FREE it still costs too much!
OH, and try to get the coupons NOW- would’nt ya know it, No funds are available at this time! Why did’nt I get a box when the gettin’ was good? Don’t really watch TV anyway.
Whe will the people get tired of “inspector gadget” washington?- Guess they never heard”if it aint broke, dont mess with it!
These boxes are suceptable to EM pulses just like the tv itself as is cable tv and sattelite tv too. they are predicting big one in 2012.
Keeps coming back to my mind what are they installing in your home,really?eyeflashOh, and by the way, bet ya thought ya could get away with usin’ yer old antenna with the new box, guess again. Yer gonna have to spring for a new antenna($100) and an antenna booster(prices not available at this time, but it ain’t gonna be cheap)just to make the system work. bet that sattelite tv is startin’ to look cheap now(or cable)!Remember this phrase-“reception deception” I coined this phrase, use it, often.

Thats it for today- Remember Febuary pics still available- leave a comment and insert tractor or duck n I’ll send ya one!2be93cc2-eac5-4b4f-9afe-1657522f0ddc4resized-duck3dsc01157-re1


19 Responses to “Hitchiking ettiquette & The “Reception Deception” or the TV Dig-it-tal converter box scam”

  1. mickey Says:

    hitchhiked when I was a younger man, not a problem, the world hitchhikes, but not in the US, in the third world, they like a tip, like a taxi.
    but the digital TV thing is what I’d like to comment on, a good thing, the tech is there, why broadcast an analog signal when digital works so much better? remember way back when you got your phone calls over a wire and your TV though the air? and then your phone over the air and your TV through a wire? well, with digital transmission versus analog, brought to us by the cell phone technology, you can nor get digital broadcast TV, a better picture and sound through digital technology, it’s on or off, no snow or fuzzies. great picture and sound quality, either have or buy a TV with a digital tuner, which is almost all of them these days, or get a converter box, unless you’re on cable or satellite, they already do it. and shazam, a channel you can watch, clear as a bell. and the antenna is not an issue, same technology there, an analog antenna, the good old one you got now, even rabbit ears sitting on top your TV picks up the digital signal, no problem, no retrofitt required. signal boosters are cool, I’ve got one in the RV, same one that was hooked to my analog antenna and TV, I bought a 36″ for the saloon and a 20″ for the stateroom, a few hundred dollars and a couple hours work, and I have the newest and bestest TV technology that I still don’t watch. however, tomorrow I will put on the race, with the surround sound, add beer and watch a christal clear digital picture, at least until I get drunk.

  2. will Says:

    well what got me goin’ is the lack of choice- both for me and broadcasters, and what else is big brother going to mandate next and i DO like to rile some! Have you read about Mass and OK and their moves to return control to the individual states? Big brother IS out of control. Stop the FED!

  3. mickey Says:

    oh, and BTW, I found your site from the bison survival blog, you guys do good works, keep it up, and myself, I like the smell of grilled troll in the morning

    But troll tastes like spineless horse shit(so I’ve heard)

  4. mickey Says:

    I’m in Orlando, FL right now, on analog, have all three networks, fox, pbs, the Chistian channels, upn and all them, over a dozen channel, some real fuzzy, on the digital side, all the same channels, christal clear, and with a benifit, each channel has from one to four signals. for example: channel 24 will have channel 24.1 24.2 23.3 24.4 each with different programming from the same network. prolly near forty digital channels in all, and all clear. good enough we gave up the satellite. not that I watch much TV anyway.

  5. mickey Says:

    oh, and sorry Will, I just re read your post, big brother will broadcast a digital signal, hell, they are already, I laugh at them, and will shoot them in the face when the come for me, already got that part figured out. keeping my belly full is where I need to make plans and decisions.

    Mickey: after your comments and this article in todays “Hur Herald” i did a little more research, a lot of the extra expence and poor reception has to do with the mountains and hollers here in WV, and ya need a booster if yer more than 20 miles from a repeater or broadcasting station(in hilly terrain) Florida is pretty flat, hence your rave reviews of the system. The fact remains, we pay for it without choice or input- Willyo. Hur Herald article follows;

    Most West Virginia television stations will switch to digital either today or Tuesday.
    Only WOAY-TV in Oak Hill will wait until June 17th.

    If you watch any of the over-the-air stations on an analog TV with rabbit ears or a rooftop antenna, your TV picture will be going black.

    You can continue to receive the over-the-air stations by using a digital-to-analog converter box and likely installing a UHF antenna.

    Most old analog TV antennas will not work well.

    Viewers who are on cable or satellite service will not be affected.

  6. calhoununderground Says:

    I’m all about freedom of choice. I choose not to watch TV, ‘less it’s at someone else’s house. I’d rather be workin’ the farm…

  7. Joyce Says:

    I haven’t had tv since I moved to WV and don’t miss it a bit. If I need a fix, there’s always 66stage or hulu. Let’s not forget good ‘ol DVD’s. Joyce

  8. mickey Says:

    I see your point Will, but, and there’s always a but. cell phones, way back when, the cell phone signals were all analog, and expensive, and crappy. then when they went digital, they eased it in both digital and analog for years and then, as far as I know, all digital now. progress, I guess. I see how being in the hills, you’re going to be more on the edge instead of the mix. but I bet you wouldn’t trade out your digs for love nor money. I’ve not watched any TV since the race yesterday, and if I didn’t have that, I might have drove the eighty miles and watched it in person, come to think of it, I shouldv’e broke the TV and went on over.

  9. Ivette Ronca Says:

    This is my first time I have visited here. I found a lot of interesting stuff in your blog. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one! keep up the great work.

  10. Gus Lemmon Says:

    I thought it was going to be some boring old site, but I’m glad I visited. I will post a link to this page on my blog. I am sure my visitors will find that very useful.

    thanks, ‘preciate it!-willyo.

  11. Lettie Angeles Says:

    A thoughtful opinion and ideas I will use on my website. You’ve obviously spent a lot of time on this. Congratulations!

  12. Joyce Says:

    I’ve never had t.v. since moving to WV 17 years ago. When the kids were too small to help out much, they’d get a couple of hours of Barney (torture), Sesame St. etc. When they were old enough to help, we rented movies on Friday’s. Now, we occasionally watch free movies on the internet, Hulu, Fearnet, etc. Have lots of DVD’s. No use for t.v. here.
    You picked me up hitchhiking once. I had a wreck, and no rental yet. Needed stuff from Holbert’s. I walked 2 miles to Rt. 5, and who know’s how much when I got to 5. I had a broken toe and a useless air cast. My wonderful neighbors, who I drove everywhere when their car was broken, passed me by. I appreciated the ride more than you can imagine. It was hot, I was in pain, and almost swore off smoking. Is that your tractor? I have a blade I’m selling if you’re interested. Too big for my tractor. Thanks, Joyce

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  14. Mr.Millionaire Says:

    Thank you.It’s very interesting.

  15. Charles Swancutt Says:

    This site is so great that i will honor it with my comment 🙂

    thank ya kindly!-willyo

  16. Love Sms Says:

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    sure, i guess.

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  18. Raul Benari Says:

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  19. Construction Technology Says:

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    It was my grandmother who regularly told me that I should read more blogs like this….

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