Cabin fever- Conspiracy theory and the tale of the barn cats(box cats)

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It’s been a long, cold wintersocold and here’s my latest(Humor boys n girls, humor!) “Cospiracy theory” What IF…..Osama Bin Laden was alive and well and living in the US? What if he was living in the white house?? Now I may be the first person to notice this but…..investigator_writesOssama disappears in ’91 and less than a year later Obamma becomes a “political rising star” . Then in 04 He wrote a key note address at the democratic national senate and became the democratic hopefull. I contend that in 1992 Ossama Bin Laden came to the US through Mexico, via the incredibly porous border with the US and made his way to Detroit where he shaved, got a haircut and dyed and ironed his hair, had some plastic surgery to remove the desert wrinkles and a few years, traded in the sheets for suits,bin_laden_12_27a

notice the similarity?

notice the similarity?

and had spent ’92 through ’04 honeing his mesmeric skills, learning acceptable english with his CIA handlers and practicing not to shiver in colder weather in Detroit, before abducting the real Obamma, with aid of the three KKK secret service moles. He is secreted in Hawaii at thiss time. The Taliban and Al Kaida are laughing at us right now. “Those americans don’t even notice the Obbama/Ossama clue. Those infidels will never learn!

Ossama born ’57 obama born ’61 only 4 years diff
Ossama dissappeared in afghanistan/pakista
Timeline ossamma disappeared in ’91/92- same time(’91)(all of a sudden) obama is very active in politics
some plastic surgery, new clothing(swap out sheets for suits)haircut and shave?
I contend in ’04 obama was replaced and forced to write ’04 dnc address
His route of escape was from Pakistan to Johannesburg Africa to Mexico city? Hawaii? Illinois? Detroit?
Sound a little far fetched? A little too Mission Impossible? James Bond? Don’t think it could be done? Without the masses noticing? REALLY?



Ahh, cabin fever, cabin fever.maniac

The story of the barn cats- (box cats)

I have gotten a few emails “whats up with the barn/box cats?” So I tell a tale…a true one.

Now to begin with, We inherited these cats when someone dropped off a pregnent mama cat. After a week or two I took a a likin’ to the little feline n started feedin it. But an outside cat!(hey, it’s not mine!)And she lived under the porch, OK!
Well low and behold I’ve inherited not one but 5 cats(4 kits)!
She must have had them kits somewhere else, cause first time i seen ’em, the eyes were open. I was movin’ from the trailer I was livin in, so…..can’t leave ’em behind to starve or freeze, so I moved them to the farm( well most of em) Thus ensued the “hunt for the black cats”. I borrowed a cat travel cage thinin’ that I would just put a bowl of food inside of and when they came to eat, I would just close the door and PRESTO! all the kitties in one neat package! In theory, maybe but in practice, NOPE! Mistake#1 the cat carrier was Way too small for all five cats and a bowl of food. (Although I did catch mama and one kit), so off to the farm with two. Returned small cat carrier, and borrowed a small dog cage. Back to the trailer and set up again. Now ya gotta bear in mind all these cats are ferile cats, born in the wild and hard to approach. I believe once ,out of the 10 0r 15 trips back and forth,i had all 3 kits in the cage. I moved slowly tword the cage door, and as I reached(ever so slowly) for the door POOF! they vanished!funny-pics_animated_ak47cat
Well, suffice it to say many trips later, I had them all(almost) at MYB. One was never captured, and lives on at the trailer, happily with a new owner(although still outside, under the porch)Well I guess they’ve taken a likin’ to me too. They live happily on at MYB Farm, finding shelter from the elements

where they play 2 nites a week!

where they play 2 nites a week!

in a kitchen cabinet( no, not in a kitchen, in a cabinet) I donated to the cause. Still outside, but no longer under a porch. Next to my camper. I have spoken before about he barn cats doin’ alright, but they are THRIVING! Outdoors. In a box. Next to the camper. Gettin fat. And I dont think it’s from the one, two cup bowl of dollar store dry food I give ’em almost every day. Just yesterday I lifted the box to fluff the comforter(see “On sufferage ” page) and stir up the straw underneath. I guess they are eatin’ well, I found PILES of bird bones(Chicken or Turkey or Condor, maybe teridacktle bones or can 3 cats drag a deer carcass??) and at least one of the gals looks preggo so I may have to donate the capper from the wrecked dodge to expand the livin’ space of the feline ratcatcher colony. I better build a barn soon, barn cats sounds so much better(and more humane) than box cats.The fact remains, i have domesticated ferile cats, have ’em eatin’ from my hands(so ta speak)and all i did was, capture, feed ’em and move ’em. Hmmmm…..Could this work with bears?
ya always wanted ta know, did'nt ya?

ya always wanted ta know, did'nt ya?

I better not try….. sounds like a setup for “watch this”. Did’nt want to be on “When Wild Animals Attack” anyway. Thats me, low profile all the way. Will spring EVER come, I need to get outdoors, clear my head, otherwise I may write. And perhaps, cause you to read. Would’nt want to do that, yeah right(write).

Febuary give away still goin’ on- leave a comment(or else… know!) and request a copy of a pic of ME threatnin’ the duck(damn duck!), or ME on the tracto n I’ll send ‘er to ya. FREE, gratis, no charge. In color!

and ya know I'll do it, too!

and ya know I'll do it, too!

me threatnin the (damn)duck!

me threatnin the (damn)duck!


5 Responses to “Cabin fever- Conspiracy theory and the tale of the barn cats(box cats)”

  1. Della Says:

    I always enjoy reading ur “stuff”always good for a few laffs and smiles…bur u need to leave that poor duck alone:P

  2. Catman Says:


    I keep trying to change your blog link on my blog, and it always defaults to that post “I got wood”

    I have no idea what is going on.

    I’m going to pull the link for a few days, and see if that fixes it. Don’t worry, I’ll be putting it back.


  3. noactive Says:

    Cabin fever- Conspiracy theory and the tale of the barn cats(box cats) .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

  4. Shelia McCullough Says:

    Hope you get back on your feet (both of them) really soon!

  5. Cosmic Ccommunications -- Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Website reviews the EVIL DOINGS of Gerald B Hough and Richard A Facemire two of the biggest Crooks in all of Crooked County Says:

    Hope it is ALL GOOD down there …

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