Another day, another dollar (short)- movin’ day

Well another fine fall day up at Gordyville and he was waitin’ for Guy Hardman to show up with a dozer to move a couple trailers around(the Gordyville shuffle), Dozer?? Seems ta me( a layman) would’nt be my first choice to move it, time will tell! (See a later page pic below)dsc01296 well me and Bonnie waited around a while for Guy to show with equipment. Guess what? Did’nt happen! No real surprise, he and I did’nt bet the farm he would. So We’ll just have to see what the weekend brings. As we (Bon and I) pulled into 35/9 a couple nice young doe were browsin’ on the side of the road and jus about came right up to the door of the truck! Man, talk about almost tame! They better wise up as huntin’ season is soon to follow.bambi sayin howdy

Saturday this editor and “The Bonster” are headin’ to Roane County fer the mollasses festival to walk around and see the parade, watch ’em make the sweet stuff and hear Jake Krack the fiddler, singerCrossfire band and just have a good time(for free, mind ya!) I will be takin a few pics for this rag- so stay tuned!


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