All about Willyo(me!) a short story of about 20 years

Roadpig,(willyo) a little history.60b815cb-abc3-4f0f-a078-b5e06f13ab75

Here is my second attempt to put a credible “Life Story” to words. I’ve attempted this before with little success, maybe I’m more complicated than I ever thought, but more likely, Its not a very compelling subject. Certainly not enough to draw visitors waiting, with baited breath, for my rantings. But before I rally any of my pet peeves, pehaps a little history is in order.1310
This story began in late 1980, and even before if childhood life is included, after I was discharged from the Army(at the age of 40!). Also another story for the future.I returned to the New Jersey shore, and a house I had many fond memories of, and many fine summers in. Was Granny’s house. I worked as a Chef(school trained!), Fisherman(and a clammer), rented boats, and did odd jobs(for some pretty odd folks) to make ends meet. BTW- did I mention that I’m a biker, First, Foremost, and Forever?I thought not. Hogs are it!anyway, My pop passed away and left me some money. I was right out of “lifestyles of the rich and famous”, 6 cars, 5 motorcycles, boats, swimmin pool, party all night, sleep all day kinda shit! Needless to say money did’nt stay long(but I had a good time!)and I started thinkin’ about somewhere new to live(taxes at this time, in the early 2000’s, taxes in my small town, for a postage stamp sized yard, were over $6000 a year! When ya gotta go, ya gotta go! I went!- I googled the lowest tax rates, small police presence, lowest crime rates etc.., and found Calhoun County West(by God)Virginia! Hill Billys, Baptists, a sheriff, country stores(pocket Walmarts), folks carrying GUNS! in plain sight! OOHHH YEAH, this is for ME! Ex-GI, hippie, biker, chef , I should fit in REAL well. I started looking for a place to call home- after being shown some of the worst hovels, accessable only with a four wheel drive vehicle, I came across an old Baptist church, owned(as luck would have it)by an old Club Biker(hey Little Joe, are your ears burnin’?)This Guy was a real character! After I bought his place we often got together for a little mad merriment, Joe was anything but boring. Have been livin in CCWV(Calhoun county West Virginia) now about 5 years, have met many characters, been many places, seen some weird shit! For the most part EVERYONE is cheerful and FRIENDLY here. How can ya stand it? (end part1) bfd1568f-6cd7-4654-b71d-79dda230e46c1

usaflag2be93cc2-eac5-4b4f-9afe-1657522f0ddc1 I mean it- i need comments or the duck really is a gonner!


47 Responses to “All about Willyo(me!) a short story of about 20 years”

  1. Caretaker Says:

    Hell Willy, shoot the duck. Mans gotta eat…..

  2. patrick nelson Says:

    hey willy,alsome home.1 biker to next,they call me wild hog just like the movie.aint hit no sighns ,but hit a ice machine at 30 never fell 75 flh shovel more money invested than my 3 ex wifes and married to 4th.if u kept all the wall covering there id strongly be interested including the pool table.i do dj and karaoke now ,was a bartender cook for 10 yrs morcycle shop 5yrs and concrete bussiness 16yrs looking to move to warmer state not so much snow email me .

  3. nettiegirl Says:

    me again,willy….been jumpin round thru yer shit on here…swear,your life sounds like mine still in new mexico & homesick as hell for WV-havent met only few people here.hell,i rarely get off the ranch here in lonesome valley. what sites i have gotten to see round here are cool,but jus aint home-something bout WV jus calls me back-jus dont know wh/i can take time off-girl hasta work ! be thinkin bout ya as spring draws nearer….SK/DP time gettin closer ! one these days our paths will cross….this gypsy likes ta meet new people & always ready for next chapter in my life ! till next time….xoxox

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  8. Vince Delmonte Says:

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  9. glisteEnvisee Says:

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  10. afferrorjab Says:

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    willyo- Why everything you’ve ever wanted(Politically correct answer)or only entertainment as meager as it is.

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    Willyo- i eally do wish I could read russian! Or, depending what he/she is saying, maybe I am glad I don’t!
    nice to see I am international! BTW- I had this translated and it says “Me the note, респект has really liked the administrator”

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  27. RerititeMaw Says:

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