About Norman Ridge and the MYB farm

Welcome to my little piece of heaven, Norman Ridge, Calhoun County, West(by God)Virginia. Just my little attempt to share what life is like here on the Ridge. Nearby is the Little Kanawha river and Yellow Creek so we enjoy great fishing. Most of the county is heavily forested so we also enjoy great hunting and trapping. We are FAR away from the bright lights so stargazers would be in their glory. Hiking, swimming, mountain biking, atv riding, camping, shooting, motorcycling, birdwatching and just about anything outdoors is nearby, even a drive-in movie! Whats not to like? As you look through my other pages(bottom right)you can see the humor in everyday life here, in Calhoun county, West Virginia!You can reach me at willyobiker@yahoo.com or willolsen@frontiernet.net , if youve got anything on your mind, submit articles or jokes, pics, etc…. Don’t forget the project house(church?) on the real estate page.
you can also make reservations at the campsite(although you don’t need them generally)
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20 Responses to “About Norman Ridge and the MYB farm”

  1. calpattypress Says:

    Well it’s about damn time!

  2. will Says:

    ya’all are not alone

  3. Rob Says:

    Hey there Willy. Thanks for linking to my site. Judging by your blog, I perceive you to be one of the mountain boys I have heard so much about in the stories from my youth.

    My forbears came down from the mountains near Rockcastle county Kentucky, and my grandad still tells us the stories.

    Good luck, and I cannot wait to read more of your blog.


  4. will Says:

    thanks Rob- but you are a little mistaken- I have lived in WV for about 6 years- but I assimilate well! Hope you will STILL read me. Willyo.

  5. James Pence Says:

    Willy thanks a million for adding a link to my blog. I have added a link to you from my site. http://www.hillbillyreport.com/,
    Again thanks a million

  6. SCOOTER Says:

    Where do I start? Hillarious. I’m pretty sure I took that picture of you on the tractor. Anyway nice site, see ya soon .. Peace out BRO…

    P.S I wont forget the “cronic” and porkroll < Scooter

  7. calhoununderground Says:

    meetin’ of great minds…

    Howdy neighbor.

  8. John Dubord Says:

    I was looking for property and saw your ad in Craigslist. Why are you selling? It sounds like you found Nirvana. I have Gassaway friends, so how far from there is your place?

  9. will Says:

    email me for info- selling because i want to move up to the farm permanent like. Also-, anyone else with interest- yep, I’m sellin the “party palace” $39,500- gonna be a homesteader! Good location for a business too!

  10. Della (Gypsy) Says:

    Well sounds like ur in a little bit of heaven there…I’m in Virginia but on the way outskirts and on top of a mountain…pretty much the same here as it is there….difference is I’m tired of it lol…don’t wanna be in a city or town…but it would be nice to have a neighbor or 2…the older I get the more I miss that…have a good day Willyo and thanks for the invite here…

  11. Rich Says:

    Could you send me the info on the metting hall?



  12. sillybutt Says:

    Nothing better then West By God Virginia..I have lived here since 1973 and everytime I find myself wondering off to new unexplored places elsewhere I always end up back here where I belong. West Virginia has all what the South offers but with kinder and sweeter folks.Never mind the Bad Rep we got from Movies like “Wrong Turn” etc. We do not sleep with our Kin folk..lol..We repect our family and friends and if anyone wants to mess with one us we tend to Kick ass the good ole Hillbilly whoop ass way. Anyway I love ya my friend Willyo ..Country boy can survive..

    Sillybutt Sheila

  13. johnny Says:

    GSV4jI Thanks for good post

  14. will Says:

    yerrrrrrr welcome!

  15. Lil gal Says:

    Just now found you, I’m really behind on the happenings of the Ridge. (but of course I stay on my plot and leave the rest alone)

    Good thing you’re telling the news of NR, God knows that’s the only way some people will believe it.

    Oh yeah, the “legal battle” is STILL going on, the “horse farmer” won’t give up, he cant stand that someone would stand up to his old ass.


  16. nettiegirl Says:

    dam,readin yer post makes me more homesick ! i wz born in ohio,left there in 79/80…(marines)spent 8 yrs NC,few monthsCALI,traveled to FL,& here& there,landed in WV in 86 & stayed 22yrs,cept for short moves to OH & VA-always…bac to west by god !!! those mts may be shorter than like these out west,but something bout WV calls to my soul !
    good to know i got friends there who always got open door for my gypsy soul. gal has ta go where she’s got a job,but no matter how far i hafta travel….i know the road still leads bac home !

  17. Heather Anderson Says:

    I grew up on Norman Ridge. My maiden name was Wilson. I am living in Arnoldsburg now, but my parents still live on the ridge..

  18. Despina Sedwick Says:

    This is a great post, but I was wondering how do I suscribe to the RSS feed?

    just click the rss feed symbol and fill in the info asked for-willyo.

  19. Mccalop Says:

    It’s an aberration that the President of the United States endorses a mosque so close to the biggest and most atrocious terrorist act in the history of the World!It’a spit in the face of the people that died there in horror; their families, and the rest of us Americans. It is unacceptable!We should wait until the mosque is finished, and then blow it up while all the Muslims are in there praying!!! See how they feel about that

    WOW-perhaps a little further than i’d go, dont want to lower ourselves to their level. but I hear ya.

  20. Anne Pasquino Says:

    Such a Fantastic job for your blog. It’s incredibly informative and to the purpose. I am giving it 5 stars and enjoy reading far more inside the future and hope you have a excellent day.

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