FREE! Government Phones conspiracy, or just the way THIS ADMINISTRATION does buisness


Step right up, step right up an getcher free govmint phones!, They are given ’em away EVERYWHERE! For Free!, not one thin dime, nuthin’,nada, zilch, gratis! Sound too good to be true? Dont know about you but……, Somthin for free? For me? Yep I’ll take it with extra toppin’s, please. There’s a side story here, dont let me forget to tell ‘er to ya later, ok? but… remember the comment”too good to betrue” i made earlier, wellllll.. turn out it MAY be true( in this article about free phones) as i did some checkin’ round on the www, low and behold, there seems to be no shortage of theory in the spec-u-latin’ crowd. Pssssst- them phones got secret trackin chips in ’em!, (which IS IN FACT, TRUE!). them governmet telly fones , stay away from ’em myself…that battery’s not a battry at all, why thats a small block of plastic explosive them gov boys is gonna set off if Obammy loosses the re-lection in November, dontcha know?(would’nt THAT! be funny if true?) I’ve even heard that Aliens could pick up your signal and beam you up by mistake, wow…just like star trek ‘ehh?( this, unfortunately is NOT true).

Ok, the truth is all the phones the gov gives away DO NOT have a “tracking” chip. some of the older ones the gov is givin’ away were made prior to the tech to track ya…. aint you lucky? But some phones do…how do ya know which do or dont? Well, turns out that ALL the newer smart phones(i-pads and such) have an RFID chip in ’em! This means that ANYBODY can follow your every move(there’s programs available) but mostly in city environs. thats good cause we all live out in the remote country, is’nt it? ahh, well, now if ya got one of those cheapee phones($10 bucks in the dollar store, youve seen ’em)your probably all right though, seems those are ok, no RFID chip in ’em. Now for the side story; the other day though, we were walkin’ along, and were practically dragged into the local firehouse! With the pleas of ” if you take one it’ll force the cell companies to install more phone towers” now this is all well and good(so I signed up an took one, “all the toppings,please)”. upon gettin home though, I was really surprised to open up the box and see a Palm pilot! Damn, what a snazzy phone!then i got to thinkin’, this phone must be what, 6 or 7 years old? Thats a FIRST generation Smart Phone!(yep! it does have the rfid thingee, in fact it has gps locator technology) about when it was new tech, they were goin’ for maybe $200 bucks, maybe 250 ? Gov tryin’ to get us poe folks used to gettin these things …sooner or later the newer stuff will make it’s way to us too. and they WILL have the chip!As far as the explosive battery theory….well I have investigated, peek, poked and looked high n low(on the internet, anyway) and i gotta say I think its total BS! But ya never know…..On the other hand, all this free stuff IS the way this obama admin operates. Remember?, Bailouts for private industry, bailouts for the bankin’ industry, the “stimulus packages”maybe its just another way to waste OUR tax dollars.

See! I have done the ‘vestigatin’ so you don’t have to.

like I say the next “shovel ready” obama project is him diggin’ his own grave!(Naw.. just kiddin, but…..)yes i am a member of tabo,the anyone but obama camp. but i think Mitt can get this economy goin agin! if ya vote for the mook again i’m gonna have to slap ya, I know who you are, and what yer doin’….got a smart phone?


and if ya really need a reason NOT to vote for the current prez just check this vid

let them eat cake!
now this is what i call expounding from the ‘ol tractor seat, i have a few things most folks should know. i make no secret of the fact i am a TABOC, AND I HAVE TO SAY MITT’S PLAN SOUNDS PRETTY GOOD! turn loose free enterprize, we have a HUGE surplus of CHEAP natural gas let them tinkerers have at it- new uses for it could be runnin’ yer car on NG, heat yer home(and barn,outhouse,doghouse,chicken house, Hey, gas is cheap enuf to do all this, why not go all the way?), get the epa to let them oil drillers and coal miners get back to what they do best- provide energy- open up ALL national parks to drilling and exploration. lets get free of OPEC. in the gulf, in light of recent accidents i think the big oil companies will be a bit more careful(so they say, anyway)
a while back there was all sorts of theories about peak oil(were gonna be out of oil in 25 years)it turns out that there is A LOT of oil and gas HERE on AMERICAN SOIL.why are we importing from the middle east? why are we competing with europe and china for these resources? we need to become independent of foreign oil n gas!
why CAN’T we eat our cake? c’mon Barack, let them drillers an coal miners go!

Lawsuit: Obama Is ‘Illegally’ Thwarting Offshore Drilling
A new lawsuit filed by an independent American oil and gas company charges that the Obama administration is blocking legitimate efforts to find and produce oil from offshore wells.
“Given the challenges still facing the U.S. economy, the government needs to move aside and let private industry do what private industry does best: create jobs and increase our oil supply to help lower the price at the pump,” a report from the Heritage Foundation states.
“And yet the Obama administration remains committed to strangling America’s economic revival by doing everything in its power to prevent companies that obtain offshore leases from actually drilling and producing oil — a fact evidenced by a new lawsuit just filed in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims by an independent U.S. oil and gas company.”
By March 2010, ATP Oil & Gas Corporation received oil leases and necessary permits to drill in the Gulf of Mexico, and installed state-of-the-art drilling and processing equipment to safely access already-penetrated oil reservoirs, according to the report. The project was financed with $1.5 billion from J.P. Morgan.
Then in April 2010, the BP-operated Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf exploded while drilling a well into a previously unexplored reservoir. In response, the Obama administration ordered moratoria on deep-water drilling and barred consideration of new permits.
As a result, the ATP operation was shut down.
ATP has now struck back by filing a lawsuit alleging that the Interior Department “improperly and illegally suspended all deep-water offshore drilling activities and imposed two illegal moratoria on the deep-water drilling permit application process and then unreasonably and unlawfully delayed the issuance of drilling permits after the lifting of the formal moratoria.”
ATP is essentially asserting that the government breached its offshore leases with ATP by violating the Administrative Procedure Act in two ways, according to the Heritage Foundation report written by Hans von Spakovsky and Nicolas Loris: “By issuing overbroad moratoria, and by manipulating seven experts from the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) to bolster a recommendation for the moratoria.”
They also point out that all seven NAE experts denied supporting moratoria recommendations, and a previous court case concluded that a White House official had changed the report used to justify the moratoria.
The authors write: “ATP’s lawsuit provides a revealing glimpse into the capital-intensive oil and gas industry where unfair and illegal actions by a government agency can cost companies (and the U.S. economy) enormous sums of money.”
Opening the outer continental shelf to drilling, they add, “would generate hundreds of thousands of new jobs, generate hundreds of billions of dollars in government revenue, and bring more oil to the world market, thereby lowering gas prices.”

HEY ALL YOU FOLKS THAT VISIT;;; COMMENT! please ‘Specially you preppers out there, you know who you are..

and if ya ever need anything for yer ‘puter shop the link below- they have EVERYTHING!!!



14 Responses to “FREE! Government Phones conspiracy, or just the way THIS ADMINISTRATION does buisness”

  1. revengeoftheghostwolf Says:

    Great to see a NEW POST, and great to see “Willy O” …back in business!! Great article, keep up the good work, as you can see we have had a lot of victories in the last year, and plan on getting them all, before the fat lady sings…

  2. C.S. Says:

    Thamks for the new post,your newsletter is going back in my book marks dude !

  3. will Says:

    just added a link at the end of the page-good reason to not reelect the prez

  4. calpattypressgilmer Says:

    WILLY O ….DUDE the CalPatty Press is back on line!! Did you know they hacked the Gilmer Free Press and knocked it off the internet on December 7th until today? Attack from WACO OIL and the State of WV we believe! Sorry, that the HOUGH HATE GANG attacked you just for you being friendly and saying hello to us once and awhile, would like to spark one in big bend with ya soon, do you still have that place up on that little hill there overlooking hwy 5?

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  6. revengeoftheghostwolf Says:

    I notice we are sending lots of folk your way from your link on Revenge of the Ghost Wolf, keep up the good work!

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