I got wood!

frostyA month or so back i had a walkabout on the MYB farm, just seeing exactly what kind of trees are in fact on the property. We have yer, Scrub pine, and some cedar, hickory(both smooth and shagbark), 1 old cherry tree, lots of oak, lots n lots of maple tent1 (in fact one campsite is called “maple grove”), a stand of small locust, in an area undeveloped yet, even some birch and lots of poplar. The area was “timbered” some 15-20 years ago, bot the area looks very heavily forested. I think this is why I fell in love with the property when I bought it. Very shady in the woods here! Very sunny on the flatlands at the ridgetop, hence the farm/campgound designation. Very low Police presence up here also. Very quiet in summer too- lots of birdsong and woods noise. In fact I am probably the noisiest thing up here, what with my tractor, partys, and shootin’ i do.
Have’nt done much this week as almost every day it’s been rain,rain n more rain! I cut down the set of three dead standing hickory so i’ve had real good firewood this month, but I don’t know how I’m gonna get the last one i cut up the hill! Seems it did’nt want to follow the program and fall the way i wanted as the other 3 trees. I guess I’ll have to cut it into 8′ lengths and skid them with the tractor. Man I hate doin’ that. Even when I DON’T have all the mud that a week of rain will produce. I almost got the 4wd tractor stuck yesterday! Looks like there will be a serious bonfire this spring as i have literally tons of brush, tree limbs , stumps and weeds accumulating on the ridgetop garden from the woodlot. Also comming up some pics of the “metal junk” i am gathering from the hillside! It’s a shame how the previous owners of the property just dumped about 2 tons of assorted scrap over the hillside, out of sight, out of mind. Well, scrap is worth a lot more now than when it was dumped, looks like enough for a few cases of brew to go along with the bonfire! Everyone up on the ridge is ok, GL&GB are warm and comfy, GH is awol someplace, no police have been up in our neck o the woods, and the barn cats(box cats) are warm and dry with their “new” comforter( see Post”in sufferance”) and the deer are a hidin'(2nd week of bambi season).
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3 Responses to “I got wood!”

  1. calhoununderground Says:

    Here’s to mud, wet fire wood, and livin’ in the Calhoun hills! Couldn’t be better. Happy to know no cops out your way… They do drive-by’s here occasionally, and I know they ain’t a-goin’ this way ’cause it’s a good shortcut. After all, it’s a county road…

  2. Catman Says:

    Heya Willy,

    Thanks for dropping me an e-mail. I’ve linked to your site, and have been enjoying reading your back posts.

  3. Lois Russell Says:

    I see plenty of smokies and black and whites(highway patrol and police) for those who don’t know trucker talk.
    I use to truck with brother in 80’s and living in the small town of Marion,Virginia cops are friendly but don’t bother u unless u a doing somethin wrong,like stealing,drugs orbreaking and entering.

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