Why you should’nt write while high

funny_pictures_animated_star_trek_cast_night_outwell not a good idea as more thought per second does not equal quality writing. Ohh yeah where was i, oh, Norman Ridge- well the 911 mapping project is(apparantly) underway- great, now them terrorists will know just where to find us! They(the “authorities) are out in a brand new “jeeplike” vehicle mapping out 911 gps addresses, I asked do you have a (GPS)reciever,ahhh… nope?????? I was told our little COUNTY dirt road is now to be called “Cain Road” I assume because of a prominent(large family)land holder out thisaway. Now it no longer sounds like a neglected COUNTY road, more like a neglected private road. 9/35 is no more! The barn cats(box cats) are real happy now as in addition to their straw bedding, they now have a comforter we no longer use(see earlier post). Snug as three cats in a rug! GB seems to be doin well, but his reumatize is actin’ up now that the colder weather is definitely here. Putn the studded(ohh baby!) snow tires on today as I’m gettin tired of gettin stuck on my own property, or a COUNTY road(see earlier post)- well thats it for today I rekon, recon, whatever- comment me! Tell yer friends, subscribe!- I tole ya i was high!


2 Responses to “Why you should’nt write while high”

  1. Larry Says:

    and plus you going to get one of those shiny signs on your road like we do.

    Now everybody knows where we live. Damn!

    Webmaster of Triple Threat Band

  2. Lois Russell Says:

    wow! u sure spoil those cats!
    I spoil my lil dog Trucker and he has 3 beds to sleep in and he always winds up in mine,he is one pampered chichuahua.

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