On my little bit of two lane

I “Love” my county road- the joy of bone jarring craters of the moon, “graveled” summertime, mud the consistancy of butterscotch pudding, standing water a foot deep(with another 6″ of mud on the bottom) in the spring and fall, rt 9/35, the road dept in our county occasionally dumps “gravel” to fill the constant potholes, but uses 4-6″ chunks of rock as gravel, but not as a base- ass the final fill! needless to say your vehicle suffers! Remember, this is a COUNTY road. If you live on this road, better sell the sedan and get a 4wd pickemup truck! You ARE gonna get stuck otherwise. In the middle of a COUNTY road. OK- on to the next rant, STILL no city water on Norman Ridge- 1/2 a mile away in either direction, Yes, here, NO. Am I the only one who thinks we all should get on the same page? Get a clue, it’s the 21st century! Telephone, Yes, natural gas, yes, electric service, yes, internet, yes, satellite TV, yes- but no water! We still have to haul water on the Ridge. Good exersize, ya recon?trailer


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