Looks like winters commin!

Aww shit, just when I’m startin to clear the edge of the hillside it becomes winter! Been using the tractor, chainsaw, weed whacker and shovel to “add” another acre of usable land. And doin a good job too(if I say so myself). Man, do I ever HATE multiflora rose plants! They have been growing now about six years so it became an impenetrable wall of brush, but when cleared what a ngreat view. Not to mention space for a picknic table and another ittle growin space. in other news- Well, most of the local losers club(local thieves) have been locked up! At leastnow we on the ridge don’t have to worry as much about our few remaning possessions . I never could understand why the crooks around here would steal from the neighbors, esspecially here in Calhoun. It just seems to me that why steal here, nobodys got anything! Plus we all know who they are, and ooner or later the law or we are gonna catch up to ya. If its the cops you may spend some time in the county jail and when ya get out ya get the shit beat outta ya, If we catch ya ya just get beat up. Why not save the county some money and you some time, just come and admitt what you done and take the asskickin’ ya got commin? Ahh well, its winter now and time for me to cut some wood so I’ll have some heat- See ya’all next time-Willyo.


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