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Hello and wecome to the first issue of “NRL” with news and comment on the happenin’s on Norman Ridge, Calhoun county, West(by God) Virginia!- I am the editor and moderator of this site, Will Olsen. the phone here is  304-354-9434 E mail is  so you can phone in or email  any  stories or news items- thanks for reading-Willyo, ed.

Sept 11, 2008- Will all please bow yer head  and say a prayer for all our fallen hero’s.

  Well, things are always happenin’ out on the ridge and last night was no exception! Happy Birthday, Gordy Brooks! He’s the spry “27” year old owner of “Gordyville” here on the ridge. As most folks around here know, he had a little run in with the local gendarms about his right to drive. Well, that has been resolved, and we all wish him an uneventfull new year.  The editor and Bonnie visited Gord and he seemed  to be in High spirits and had a real nice cake made by his gal nurse. a good time was had by all!

in other news- the little gal out by “the horse farmer” has moved out by Fred’s place, after a long legal battle- we all hope ya like it out here on the End.

past news- Well the “unknown theives” have struck again! A rifle was stolen from Freddy, and some accusations were flying as to the identity of the thief. Intuitive folks made inquiries and the said firearm was located over on”crack mountain” and speedily returned to it’s owner!- who says there’s no justice in Calhoun! If we all banded together and maybe sent a little lead at the perperators of these little “missunderstandings” maybe, just maybe we could go back to a day, not so long ago, when we did’nt have to lock our doors and worry about leaving our property!


It seems, in another( semi-related) story- our own Brian is now sporting some “county ankle jewelry” As most up here on the ridge know, the blue shirts have been seen “visitin” just a few weeks ago. Hey, sorry about yer luck, Bri, we all wish ya well! Get it over with, be good and move on.



Welcome again to the NRL-9/18/08

well it seems that E Stevens has been workin on his hay baler- problems with the string cutter- soon to be resolved, I’m sure.

Fred Little and the editor did a little weed wackin’ today- I picked the last of Freds corn and tomatos today. Yesterday i picked a handful of his bannana peppers( some were goin to the red)- and fried ’em up. MAN they were HOT<HOT< HOT!- so I made a great(if a little HOT) hot pepper relish for them that love HOT! food. Any body want to try some email me

also yesterday made some killer Italian  tomato sauce, man, ya can really tell when the tomato’s have ripened on the vine! So sweet ya’d swear i added sugar!

tonite I’m cookin up the last of the late season corn fer freezin’ so i can have some this winter.

at the MYB farm gettin ready to cut hay(hear that eugene?)- so ya better get that baler workin!

wanna burn all debris on the field so i can add a little nutrients to the soil and not raise such a large crop of weeds! Anybody got some horse shit or cow shot they wnna get ridof?? Then email me and we can set sumthin up.

Gordy Brooks(over at Gordyville) has been gettin the towin’ apperatus attatched to his trailer in preperation fer the “BIG MOVE” soon to come. He wants to have everything ready for the winter. If only them trailer movers did’nt charge so damn much!$375 just for the hook up!!- I guess I missed my callin’.

Other news- well I have told Don that i  would very much like to buy his trailer, so it seems i may yet have a new place to live! May be movin’ to the ridge shortly, Stay tuned!
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